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Letters ​
DCC Letter regarding SB 155 Statutory Exemption for Certain Types of Restoration Projects 10-08-21

DCC Letter to California Legislature Opposing SB 155/AB 155 – State Budget Resources Trailer Bill 09-07-21

DCC Letter to Governor Newsom Requesting Signature onSB 821 (Committee on Natural Resources and Water): Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: Delta Independent Science Board 07-15-21

DCC Letter to Delta Conservancy On Subsidence and Carbon Emissions Funding 05-26-21

DCC Infrastructure Priorities Letter To Sens. Feinstein and Padilla 05-12-21

DCC Infrastructure Priorities Letter to Delta House Delegation 05-12-21

DCC Offers Support for $10M Proposal to Combat Algal Blooms in Delta 05-05-21

DCC Corps WIFIA_Delta Levees 04-27-2021

DCC Harmful Algal Bloom Delegation Funding Request 04-27-2021

SB 45 (Portantino). Wildfire Prevention, Safe Drinking Water, Drought Preparation,
and Flood Protection Bond Act of 2022
AB 1500 (Garcia). Safe Drinking Water, Wildfire Prevention, Drought Preparation, Flood Protection,
Extreme Heat Mitigation, and Workforce Development Bond Act of 2022

Comments on DSC Delta Adapts Draft Documents 03-16-21

DCC Letter - Funding for Invasive Species 03-04-2021

DCC NRA Letter - Delta Levees 03-04-21

Delta Counties Coalition Urges No Funding for Planning Costs of Delta Conveyance Project 12-04-2020

DCC comments on the  Delta Conveyance Alternatives and the Delta Conveyance Design and Construction Authority’s Stakeholder Engagement Committee 10-27-2020

DCC comments on Notice of Intent to Prepare EIS for the Delta Conveyance Project 10-20-2020
DCC letter to congress re Bar Use of Fed Funds to Support Delta Tunnel 10-07-2020

DCC Resiliency and Economic Recovery Actions for the Delta 08-17-2020

DCC Letter to Secretary Crowfoot: Meeting with Governor and Natural Resources’ Staff Relating to Delta Stewardship Council Appointment Process 08-14-2020

DCC Letter of Support for HR 8217 WIFIA to Garamendi 10-01-2020

DCC comments on the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) 07-10-2020

DCC comments on Notice of Preparation of Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) for the proposed Delta Plan Ecosystem Amendment 07-10-2020

Delta Counties Coalition’s Resiliency and Economic Recovery Bond Position 06-19-2020

DCC Concerns Regarding Issuance of “Statement of No Objection” Letter for Delta Conveyance Project 05-19-2020

DCC comments on Notice of Preparation of EIR for the Delta Conveyance Project 04-17-2020

DCC comments on DSC Draft Public Participation Plan 4-1-2020

DCC Letter Comments on draft FUTURE Drought Resiliency Act 02-24-2020

DCC Letter to Secretary Crowfoot 02-03-2020

DCC WRPI Comments 02-07-2020

Comments on the Mitigated Negative Declaration for Soil Investigations for Data Collection in the Delta 1-14-2020

Request for Extension of Public Comment Period on Mitigated Negative Declaration for Soil Investigations for Data Collection in the Delta 11-22-19

Delta Construction Authority (DCA) Stakeholder Engagement Committee 10-2-19

DCC Letter to California Association of Counties for CSAC Request for Comments on the Water Portfolio 8-29-19

SB 204 (Dodd) Support Letter re legislative oversight

Letter to Secretary Crowfoot re stakeholder outreach and local permits

AB 1194 (Frazier). Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: Delta Stewardship Council
Membership Expansion.  Support

SB 204 (Dodd) State Water Projects: Legislative Oversight

DCC Letter to Gov-Elect Newsom 12-18-18

DCC Letter to Pelosi re WIIN Extension of Delta Operations Provisions 12-20-18

Request to Postpone Joint Legislative Budget Committee Hearing on State Water
Project Contract Extension

Letter from Delta Delegation to US Senators on House Bill 5-24-2018
AB 1876 (Frazier) Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: Stewardship Council.
SUPPORT 4-18-18

AB 2441 (Frazier). Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Abandoned Vessel Removal. SUPPORT 4-5-18

AB 1876 (Frazier) Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: Stewardship Council.

DCC Responsde - Brown Moves to One Tunnel 1-17-18

Thank you letter to Rep. Jared Huffman 12-27-17

Delta Counties Coalition (DCC) Urges You to Vote “No” on October 17th to Finance the California WaterFix (WaterFix) Project 10-16-17

Delta Counties Call Kern Vote For Governor's Twin Tunnels A Losing Proposition For Ratepayers And The Delta 10-12-17

Delta Counties Coalition (DCC) Urges You to Vote “No” on October 12th to Finance the California WaterFix Project 10-11-17

DCC Letter to MWD Board Requesting No Vote  10-6-17

DCC Media Statement OIG Audit 9-8-17

DCC San Diego Union Tribune Op Ed 9-5-17

DCC Support on HR 434 7-6-17

DCC Opposes HR 23 7-6-17

DCC Letter to DSC re Delta Plan Amendments 6-21-17

DCC Letter to John Watts, Office of Senator Feinstein 6-15-17

DCC Supports AB 732 (Frazier) 6-13-17

Delta Stewardship Council Meeting - Amendments to the Delta Plan 4-21-17

DCC Supports AB 791 (Frazier) 4-6-17

DCC Supports AB 792 (Frazier) 4-6-17

DCC Supports AB 793 (Frazier) 4-6-17

DCC Opinion E​ditorial on Excess Water 2-09-2017

DCC letter to Darrell Steinberg thanking him for meeting with the coalition 9-26-2016

DCC letter to Ed​mund Brown on the Delta Levee Maintenance ​9-26-16

Letter to Felici​a Marcus from Edmund Brown on Sacramento River analysis 9-19-2016​

DCC letter to Ed​mund Brown on the Cost-Benefit Analysis of the California WaterFix​​ ​ ​8-24-16

Congress Co​mm​ents on​ the Draft Northerly Districts' Drainage Agreement ​ ​8-11-16​

DCC Comm​ents on the Draft Northerly Districts' Drainage Agreement ​ ​8-05-16​

DCC Letter to Estevan Lopez​ on County Governance Proposal for Biological Opinion Projects  ​ ​7-29-16​

DCC Letter on the San Luis Unit of Central Valley Project​ ​5-24-16​

DCC Letter to Kamala Ha​rris ​5-10-16

DCC Letter to Estevan Lopez on Governance and Adaptive Management 5-9-16

DCC Supports AB 2583 Frazier Requiring Fiscal and Environmental Safeguards 4-5-16

DCC Congratulates Honorable Anthony Rendon as Speaker of the Assembly​​ 4-4-16

DCC Supports AB 1713 Eggman Requiring a Vote on the Tunnels 3-1-16

DCC Request Modifications to Delta Levee Investment Strategy 1-27-16

DCC Letter of Opposition to Tunnel Project Analysis 12-11-15

DCC Request to Extend Tunnel Project Comment Period 07-29-15

DCC Letter of Opposition HR 2898 7-14-15

DCC Support Letter to Friends of the SF Estuary 5-21-15

Medi​a​ ​
Delta Counties Commend Mayor Eric Garcetti for Conservation Efforts That Increase Water Supplies While Reducing Reliance on the Delta 10-8-21

Another Missed Drought Opportunity – One We Can’t Afford to Lose 8-9-21

Delta Counties Urge Metropolitan Water District Board to Save Historic Delta Waterways by Rejecting Funding for Misguided Tunnel Conveyance Project 12-08-2020 

DCC Joins Coalition of Water Stakeholders United to Oppose State Water Agency Attempt to Green Light Unlimited Delta Tunnel Spending 10-30-2020

Delta Counties Assert that Single Delta Tunnel Project is No Better than Twin Tunnels Water Grab 1-15-2020

Delta Counties Applaud WaterFix Termination and Support Alternatives Based on Science and Co-Equal Go​​al Principles 5-2-19

The Costliest Infrastructure Project in Recent History Won’t Be on Your Ballot, But You Can Still Be Heard 5-23-18
Delta Counties Call Metropolitan Water District Vote For Twin Tunnels A Bad Deal For Ratepayers And The Delta 4-11-18

Delta Counties Dismayed By Metropolitan Water Districti's Decision To Fund The Governor's Twin Tunnels 10-10-17

Delta County Leaders Applaud Agencies' Vote to Reject Paying For Tunnels 9-21-17

DCC Opinion Editorial on Water Rates 7-19-17

Delta County Leaders Condemn Action By Feds That Ignores Science Moving “WATER FIX” Project Forward 6-27-17

The Bee is Right – We Can Find Water Solutions Together 3-12-17

Delta Counties Back Brown's Response to Winter Storms 2-24-17

Twin Tunnels Prevent State from Genuine Water Solutions 2-8-17

New Analysis Raises Serious Doubt About Financial Viability of the Twin Tunnels​ ​ ​8-​​24-16​

Delta C​ounties Coalition Support Review​ of Tunnels Project Spending​​ 8-8-16

Delta Counties Coalition Expresses Disappointment in State Supreme Court’s Decision to Infringe on Delta Property Rights​​ 8-1-16

Sacramento County Board of Supervisors want tunnel vote 4-6-16

Delta Counties Supervisors Say Brown’s Tunnel Plan Not in Line with Claim to “Fiscal Discipline” 1-21-16

Supervisors Decry Lack of Transparency in Governor’s Tunnel Plan 1-15-16

County Supervisors Remain Critical of Proposed Tunnels 11-11-15

Delta Counties Coalition Strongly Objects to the California “WaterFix” 10-29-15

Sacramento County Comments on Changes to Bay Delta Conservation Plan 10-30-15

Solano County Comments on Changes to Bay Delta Conservation Plan 10-30-15

Yolo County Comments on Changes to Bay Delta Conservation Plan 10-30-15

San Joaquin County Comments on Changes to Bay Delta Conservation Plan 10-27-15

Contra Costa County Comments on Changes to Bay Delta Conservation Plan 10-21-15