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Letters ​
Request for Extension of Public Comment Period on Mitigated Negative Declaration for Soil Investigations for Data Collection in the Delta 11-22-19

Delta Construction Authority (DCA) Stakeholder Engagement Committee 10-2-19

DCC Letter to California Association of Counties for CSAC Request for Comments on the Water Portfolio 8-29-19

SB 204 (Dodd) Support Letter re legislative oversight

Letter to Secretary Crowfoot re stakeholder outreach and local permits

AB 1194 (Frazier). Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: Delta Stewardship Council
Membership Expansion.  Support

SB 204 (Dodd) State Water Projects: Legislative Oversight

DCC Letter to Gov-Elect Newsom 12-18-18

DCC Letter to Pelosi re WIIN Extension of Delta Operations Provisions 12-20-18

Request to Postpone Joint Legislative Budget Committee Hearing on State Water
Project Contract Extension

Letter from Delta Delegation to US Senators on House Bill 5-24-2018
AB 1876 (Frazier) Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: Stewardship Council.
SUPPORT 4-18-18

AB 2441 (Frazier). Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Abandoned Vessel Removal. SUPPORT 4-5-18

AB 1876 (Frazier) Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: Stewardship Council.

DCC Responsde - Brown Moves to One Tunnel 1-17-18

Thank you letter to Rep. Jared Huffman 12-27-17

Delta Counties Coalition (DCC) Urges You to Vote “No” on October 17th to Finance the California WaterFix (WaterFix) Project 10-16-17

Delta Counties Call Kern Vote For Governor's Twin Tunnels A Losing Proposition For Ratepayers And The Delta 10-12-17

Delta Counties Coalition (DCC) Urges You to Vote “No” on October 12th to Finance the California WaterFix Project 10-11-17

DCC Letter to MWD Board Requesting No Vote  10-6-17

DCC Media Statement OIG Audit 9-8-17

DCC San Diego Union Tribune Op Ed 9-5-17

DCC Support on HR 434 7-6-17

DCC Opposes HR 23 7-6-17

DCC Letter to DSC re Delta Plan Amendments 6-21-17

DCC Letter to John Watts, Office of Senator Feinstein 6-15-17

DCC Supports AB 732 (Frazier) 6-13-17

Delta Stewardship Council Meeting - Amendments to the Delta Plan 4-21-17

DCC Supports AB 791 (Frazier) 4-6-17

DCC Supports AB 792 (Frazier) 4-6-17

DCC Supports AB 793 (Frazier) 4-6-17

DCC Opinion E​ditorial on Excess Water 2-09-2017

DCC letter to Darrell Steinberg thanking him for meeting with the coalition 9-26-2016

DCC letter to Ed​mund Brown on the Delta Levee Maintenance ​9-26-16

Letter to Felici​a Marcus from Edmund Brown on Sacramento River analysis 9-19-2016​

DCC letter to Ed​mund Brown on the Cost-Benefit Analysis of the California WaterFix​​ ​ ​8-24-16

Congress Co​mm​ents on​ the Draft Northerly Districts' Drainage Agreement ​ ​8-11-16​

DCC Comm​ents on the Draft Northerly Districts' Drainage Agreement ​ ​8-05-16​

DCC Letter to Estevan Lopez​ on County Governance Proposal for Biological Opinion Projects  ​ ​7-29-16​

DCC Letter on the San Luis Unit of Central Valley Project​ ​5-24-16​

DCC Letter to Kamala Ha​rris ​5-10-16

DCC Letter to Estevan Lopez on Governance and Adaptive Management 5-9-16

DCC Supports AB 2583 Frazier Requiring Fiscal and Environmental Safeguards 4-5-16

DCC Congratulates Honorable Anthony Rendon as Speaker of the Assembly​​ 4-4-16

DCC Supports AB 1713 Eggman Requiring a Vote on the Tunnels 3-1-16

DCC Request Modifications to Delta Levee Investment Strategy 1-27-16

DCC Letter of Opposition to Tunnel Project Analysis 12-11-15

DCC Request to Extend Tunnel Project Comment Period 07-29-15

DCC Letter of Opposition HR 2898 7-14-15

DCC Support Letter to Friends of the SF Estuary 5-21-15


Delta Counties Applaud WaterFix Termination and Support Alternatives Based on Science and Co-Equal Go​​al Principles 5-2-19

The Costliest Infrastructure Project in Recent History Won’t Be on Your Ballot, But You Can Still Be Heard 5-23-18
Delta Counties Call Metropolitan Water District Vote For Twin Tunnels A Bad Deal For Ratepayers And The Delta 4-11-18

Delta Counties Dismayed By Metropolitan Water Districti's Decision To Fund The Governor's Twin Tunnels 10-10-17

Delta County Leaders Applaud Agencies' Vote to Reject Paying For Tunnels 9-21-17

DCC Opinion Editorial on Water Rates 7-19-17

Delta County Leaders Condemn Action By Feds That Ignores Science Moving “WATER FIX” Project Forward 6-27-17

The Bee is Right – We Can Find Water Solutions Together 3-12-17

Delta Counties Back Brown's Response to Winter Storms 2-24-17

Twin Tunnels Prevent State from Genuine Water Solutions 2-8-17

New Analysis Raises Serious Doubt About Financial Viability of the Twin Tunnels​ ​ ​8-​​24-16​

Delta C​ounties Coalition Support Review​ of Tunnels Project Spending​​ 8-8-16

Delta Counties Coalition Expresses Disappointment in State Supreme Court’s Decision to Infringe on Delta Property Rights​​ 8-1-16

Sacramento County Board of Supervisors want tunnel vote 4-6-16

Delta Counties Supervisors Say Brown’s Tunnel Plan Not in Line with Claim to “Fiscal Discipline” 1-21-16

Supervisors Decry Lack of Transparency in Governor’s Tunnel Plan 1-15-16

County Supervisors Remain Critical of Proposed Tunnels 11-11-15

Delta Counties Coalition Strongly Objects to the California “WaterFix” 10-29-15

Sacramento County Comments on Changes to Bay Delta Conservation Plan 10-30-15

Solano County Comments on Changes to Bay Delta Conservation Plan 10-30-15

Yolo County Comments on Changes to Bay Delta Conservation Plan 10-30-15

San Joaquin County Comments on Changes to Bay Delta Conservation Plan 10-27-15

Contra Costa County Comments on Changes to Bay Delta Conservation Plan 10-21-15